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Kizomba ist ein Musikstil und Tanz, der aus Angola stammt und seit einigen Jahren in Europa unglaublich beliebt geworden ist. Eindrücke vermittelten ein Zeitungsartikel der FAZ und die Videos.

Im Kramladen (Gebäude 46) wird Kizomba gemeinsam mit Salsa und Bachata immer Sonntag- und Dienstagabend getanzt. Wie bei allen der im Kramladen angebotenen Tänze ist kein fester Tanzpartner nötig, es wird regelmäßig gewechselt.

Aktuelle Uhrzeiten der Kurse und der After Class Party findet ihr auf der Website des Unisport: Termine und Workshops im Unisport sowie unter kl.gosalsa.de

„Kizomba the dance is known as an Angolan dance, developed predominantly since the late ’80s. […]. Kizomba was the result of a new generation of Angolans that grew up listen to Zouk and Afro-Zouk the main base of kizomba is Semba and literally the evolution of Kizomba only happens when Semba evolves like it did when the new generation of Angolans changed from dancing Social Semba to Semba show (Semba show is what the majority of people dance and sell today all around the world)
Kizomba is therefore a combination of rhythms and flavours, a dance full of warmth and sensuality that presents a real complicity and understanding between partners but also a very technical dance with lots of footwork, the goal of a great Kizomba dancer is to make their footwork feel simple (but in order to achieve that visual simplicity it takes years of mastering the dance)
Dancing Kizomba is considered a unique experience.
Closely, partners move in a sensual way where leading and following find a new dimension the idea of Kizomba is two people moving as one and the follower to be an extension of the leader body, but be careful because Kizomba is a Very addictive dance.
Inside of kizomba we have three different Genres, but inside of the Umbrella Kizomba we can also include Semba, Afro-House, Funana and out side of the PALOPS community we have Urban Kiz mostly played in Kizomba festivals these days although none of these other genres are Kizomba but we can concider them part of Kizomba Umbrella
Kizomba as a dance is base more in feelings and connections with music and partner then the normal focus in steps.“
[Zitat aus Eddy Vents „Kizomba History“ (https://www.facebook.com/notes/eddy-vents/kizomba-history/1025968387545948/)]

Hier stellen wir Dir die Tanzlehrer vor!